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Now transform the places with Kitchen Corner Solutions, Home Furnishings Accessories, Silkmove Softclose Tall Units, and our other products.

Deepak and Anoop Goyal founded Home Care Lifestyle in 2001. At the time, they were involved in the wholesale hardware business. Afterwards, more products were introduced, all marketed and distributed under the Home Care brand. They set up a modern manufacturing facility in 2006. started with kitchenware to grow our product line to include necessities for every room in the house, such as Kitchen Baskets, Kitchen Corner Solutions, Home Furnishings Accessories, Silkmove Softclose Tall Units, Bathroom Accessories, Silkmove Softclose Boxes and more. It was followed by ISO accreditation, proving our commitment to quality.

Our Home Care Silk Move line, which includes the innovative Soft Close Slides, debuted in 2012. When we partnered with the three largest e-commerce platforms in India, such as Amazon, Shopclues and Snapdeal, we could reach more people in more homes.

Noida, India, is home to our first and only showroom, which opened in 2014. Dealer and distribution network expansion is the next objective for Home Care. Our priority is our direct online sales to consumers and industry professionals in the home improvement and design industries.

Meticulous attention to ergonomics, design, durability, style, cost and ease of use has developed an image of trust in our customer's minds. We will keep up with the times by developing fashionable and practical products.

Our Capability

No matter the number of orders, our customers can rest assured that they will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently thanks to our expert staff, cutting-edge technology, and massive warehouse.

Our Quality

Our foundation tower is the unwavering quality of our products. We closely adhere to demanding quality control processes to ensure perfect output. From the most trustworthy suppliers in the industry, we obtain only the highest quality raw materials. Every product is created under the supervision of dedicated quality inspectors that minimizes every potential of quality degradation in Kitchen Baskets, Home Furnishings Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, and other products. No of the amount of your order, we can get the products to the customers on time.

Why Choose Us?

  • Various creative products for mass consumption
  • Excellence, trustworthiness, and honesty as cornerstones of one's reputation
  • Optimal distribution of human and mechanical resources
  • Featuring cutting-edge manufacturing facilities
  • The expert group tasked with keeping an eye on the production line
  • Credibility and backing from a sizable clientele all across the globe
  • Paying close attention to the constructive criticism and ideas

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